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Thai Noodles

Chicken, tofu or vegetable — $9.99
Beef or Pork — $10.99
Combination of two — $11.99 Shrimp—$11.99
Shrimp and one other meat—$12.99


N-1. Pad Thai

Medium rice noodles fried with eggs and scallion, fresh bean sprouts in a bittersweet tamarind sauce, topped with crushed peanuts.


N-2. Rad Nha

Stir fry medium rice noodles in gravy sauce with broccoli and carrots.
(Add $1.00 to prices listed above)


N-3. Pad Seelew

Stir fry medium rice noodles in sweet brown soy sauce with broccoli and carrots.


N-4. Bun Noodle

Vermicelli noodles with lettuce, cucumber, onion, carrot and scallion sprinkled with crushed roasted peanuts served with special chili sauce. (Add $1.00 to prices listed above)


N-5. Spicy Thai Pasta

Stir fry egg noodles, red curry, coconut milk, bell peppers, carrots, bamboo shoots, zucchini and basil leaf. (Add $1.00 to prices listed above)


N-6. Thai Lo Mein

Broccoli, cabbage, carrots, onions, scallion and celery.


N-7. Pad Kee Maw

Thai rice noodles stir fry with bell peppers, onions, basil leaf , carrot, baby corn and spicy sauce.


N-8. Padwoodsen

Stir fry glass noodles, egg, scallions, onions, celery, and napa (cabbage)
(Add $1.00 to prices listed above)